GRDC organizes the Northwest Detroit Farmers' Market right here in our neighborhood.  The Market features fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, dairy products, and baked goods grown or produced in Southeast Michigan.

The Market is open 4:00 to 8:00 PM every Thursday beginning in June and running through early October.

Get the best tasting food in a friendly, community atmosphere and support our local economy at the same time!

Where's the Market?

The market has moved to the North Rosedale Park Community House 18445 Scarsdale, Detroit, 48223.

Volunteer at the Farmers' Market

If you enjoy the fresh flowers and delicious food provided by your local farmers' market, then step up and give a little back. Volunteering is easy and fun -- simply contact Market Master Chelsea Neblett at 313-387-4732 X 103 or follow the link below to get a copy of the volunteer form. Not only will you get that warm feeling that only volunteering can give, but you'll also get to know your neighbors and the market!

Food Assistance Programs Help You Stretch Your Food Budget at the Market

Not only does the Northwest Detroit Farmers' Market provide easy access to healthy, fresh food right in our neighborhood, we also accept your credit or debit cards, and we help you stretch your food dollars with several food assistance programs:

BRIDGE CARD – Detroiters who use the Bridge card can use their cards at the Northwest Detroit Farmers' Market.  We will swipe your card at our wireless machine and provide you with wooden tokens accepted by all the vendors in our market.  You can use these tokens to purchase any SNAP-eligible food, just as you do in any retail store.

DOUBLE UP FOOD BUCKS – This highly popular program developed by the Fair Food Network matches your Bridge card purchase dollar for dollar at participating Michigan farmers' markets up to $20 per visit.  For example, if you purchase $20 worth of Bridge card tokens at our market,  you will receive an additional $20 worth of Double Up Food Bucks tokens, which can be used to purchase Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables only.

PROJECT FRESH – Food assistance recipients receiving WIC can redeem their Project FRESH coupons for delicious Michigan-grown fruits and vegetables at our market.

MARKET FRESH – Seniors eligible to receive these coupons can redeem them at our market as well.

For more information, contact Market Master Chelsea Neblett at 313-387-4732 ext 103,  or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Click here for volunteer form.
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