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In the early 1920s, when the eyes of the world were on a city many called the Paris of the Midwest, planners began mapping out some of the Detroit's most charming and distinctive neighborhoods on the city's northwest side.

Today, the Grandmont Rosedale Neighborhoods remain among Detroit's strongest and most vibrant communities. Custom built homes in an array of architectural styles give the community an every-house-is-different feel. Pocket parks, manicured lawns, tree-lined streets and landscaped boulevards enhance the beauty of the architecture and encourage walk-ability.

In the end however, it's Grandmont Rosedale's neighbors that make the neighborhoods what they are. As Detroit's most active community, human connection is as readily available as a block party, a little league game, a walk in the park, a visit to the farmers' market or a simple driveway conversation.

Grandmont Rosedale is comprised of five charming, distinct neighborhoods that live-and-breathe as one. Each neighborhood has its own homeowners association and network of block clubs to keep residents connected.

Neighborhood Amenities

  • Strong Neighborhood Associations and Block Clubs
  • 2.5 Square Mile Community with more than 5,000 Beautiful Homes
  • 82% Home Ownership Rate
  • 15 Year Property Tax Reduction Available
  • Well maintained Parks and Playgrounds
  • Neighborhood Farmers' Market
  • Youth Baseball and Soccer Leagues
  • North Rosedale Park Community House
  • Community Theater Group
  • Annual Arts and Crafts Fair
  • Curbside Recycling in some areas
  • Wide Variety of Local Stores and Services
  • Convenient Access to Downtown and Entire Metro Area

VISIT MyGrandmontRosedale.org

Ever wish that there was one website you could visit to find out what is happening throughout the Grandmont Rosedale neighborhoods? Well, now there is. MyGrandmontRosedale.org is your new information gateway to the Grandmont Rosedale communities.

At MyGrandmontRosedale.org, you'll find positive stories about the people and places in the community, information about local businesses and neighborhood amenities, contact information for all community organizations, and a comprehensive calendar of upcoming events and activities in the Grandmont Rosedale community. We've also included a resource page with important contact information and helpful tips on a variety of topics.